MicroSD Card High Security Module (HSM)

Logomotion in co-operatioin with its partner e-Smart Systems Ltd. has developed a secure microSD card that can be used as a micro HSM. One of its SE’s (Application) can host a specific application tailored for the customer’s project and can be used for long and mid-term storage of application specific sensitive data. The second SE (CSP) is used as a storage of Keys, Certificates and audit trails of security related events. An additional 8GB NAND Flash memory with high performance access to the host via the SD interface is available to store signed/encrypted data created by the secure subsystems. Interface flexibility is provided via multiple options for interfacing with different hosts – a native format of microSD, with a carrier adapter of SD card and in USB microSD carrier. It also provides IEC/ISO 7816 Smart card interface which can be used while the microSD Card is placed on ID-1 plastic carrier.

This micro HSM microSD card is ideal for products requiring CSP security defined by BSI – the first and foremost the central IT security service provider for the federal government in Germany. BSI defined security CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) – a firmware of the secure chip (certified by Common Criteria levle EAL4+). Currently CSP is required for electronic cash registers (TSE modules) and for further electronic services with required high level of security – as mobile ID, ePassports or FIDO authentication.  

Data Sheet – LGM_AppNote_Secure microSD_fiscal module_Dec.2019_v003


MultiPass is a mobile eID card. This reference is for the concept of the solution developed in 2017 for Slovak Government in co-operation with DXC Technology and Plaut. In this concept the secure chips of the microSD card are carrying ID card, driving licence card and a bank payment card. The microSD card is used inside a mobile phone or other mobile device of the citizen. Mobile eID card enables citizen to use his mobile device for secure authentication of the citizen (online and offline) with the achievable level of security “high” – STORK QAA-4. It also enables secure payments to Government from a mobile phone. It opens opportunities to use Mobile eID card in a commercial sector, e.g. in banking and according to PSD2. 

The main benefits of the Mobile eID using the secure microSD card

Mobile eID using the secure microSD card are inline with BSI and ANSSI eIDAS token specification TR 03110 and with Global Platform. Mobile eID in the MultiPass concept will allow:

    • Pairing with the current national schema eID (the same functionality, electronic authentication and signatures)
    • Security level “High” STORK QAA level 4. As the microSD card uses a secure chips it tas the same level of achievable security like the plastic chip ID cards
    • Supporting broad spectre of platforms (Android, Windows, Java, for iOS using external reader)
    • Reusing of the current infrastructure of the Ministry of Interior (in the contact personalisation it uses ISO 7816 contacts of the microSD card) and reusing of already deployed logistic processes for the life-cycle management of the common chip ID cards
    • Potential to cummulate other citizen’s documents on the same secure chip with international acceptance, e.g. driving licence, passport
    • Can be used in both electronic (online) and physical (offline) environments and also enabling a visualisatioin of the citizen documents on the phone’s screen. The NFC antenna of the microSD card enables to use these documents also in a contactless way

Demonstration of use-cases (only in Slovak)     White Paper MultiPass_Key_Identity_Documents_At_Hand_ENG_rebranded_original_Partners…


Product AceCard was developed in 2019 in co-operation with Slovak partner. AceCard will enable secure storage and access to blockchain wallet from a mobile phone.

Link to AceCard web page