LGM Card

LGM Card is a standard size microSD memory card with embedded NFC antenna and two secure chips. LGM Card is used while inserted in SD slot of a mobile phone. It provides NFC capability to non NFC phones and even to feature phones. LGM Card would enable a variety of contactless and remote mobile use-cases with a tamper resistant security and under full control of the issuer.


Micro Coil NFC Antennas

Micro coil NFC antennas have unique design – a coil with wires. We offer micro coil NFC antennas in various sizes and tuned for various NFC controllers. A unique feature of micro coil NFC antennas is their great performance in metal environment. Micro coil NFC antenna is off-the-shelf product which eliminates major considerations for NFC antennas – placement, layout and RF performance. It would not limit shape and size of your products. It reduces BOM, simplifies antenna tuning under the cover and lowers assembly costs. 

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