LGM Card

NFC secure microSD card with a standard memory, two embedded secure chips and micro coil NFC antenna

LGM Card was certified by NPCI in July, 2019 as RuPay Dual Interface Card

LGM Card is a secure NFC microSD card. It is a standard memory card with more added features. End-customers use LGM Card while inserted into their mobile phones.

LGM Card is product for government, banks, transit providers or other entities operating in the particular territory. These issuers of LGM Card enable end-customers to use secure chips of the LGM Card as a mobile contactless payment card, mobile eID-card, driving license, social card, employee card or mobile contactless transit card.

LGM Card enables to develop secure mobile solutions under issuer’s full control, no need to make any compromise on safety. LGM Card addresses huge number of end customers, anyone with a mobile phone that has a microSD slot. Contactless use-cases will be enabled also from non-NFC phones and feature phones.

Data Sheet LGM Card



Unique features

Micro NFC antenna 

  • LGM Card has embedded micro active NFC antenna
  • The antenna supports ISO 14443A, card-emulation mode
  • The antenna is switched on from the user phone application
  • It is used only during NFC payment
  • It works also in mobile phones with metal covers

Secure chips

  • LGM Card contains two secure chips (SE)
  • SE are under control of the issuers
  • Each SE can be divided into more secure domains

ISO 7816 contacts

  • ISO 7816 contacts are placed on the surface of the LGM Card
  • This enables contact personalization of the secure chip(s)
  • This enables to use current personalisation machines 
Typical Applications

LGM Card was certified by NPCI in July, 2019 as RuPay Dual Interface Card.

  • Contactless mobile payments & mobile transit (using RuPay One Card)
  • Secure access – NFC and remote
  • Storing secure data – eID, passport, driving licence, etc.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Pairing, device setting, flash memory locking

Video LGM Card payment on feature phone

Technical characteristics

LGM Card Technical Features

LGM Card MobileAPI

LGM Card MobileAPI is a library developed by Logomotion, provided based on SW license Agreement. Developers can use LGM Card MobileAPI to develop customized, issuer branded mobile user application (Wallet).

LGM Card Life-cycle

LGM Card life-cycle can be done OTI. There are more ways of how secure chips of LGM Card can be personalised:

  • Contact personalization needs microSD card embedded on ID-1 size plastic carrier (see the picture). ISO 7816 contacts on the LGM Card’s surface are exactly in the same position as they are on a common plastic chip cards. EMV contact personalization of both two SEs is possible on common personalization devices

LGM Card in ID-1 carrier

LGM Card in Contact reader

Video LGM Card Contact Personalisation

  • Contactless personalization is done on a contactless reader connected to PC. MicroSD card has to be inserted in a mobile phone

LGM Card used with Contactless reader


  • Personalisation and life-cycle management Over-the-Internet (OTI)

LGM Card_Life Cycle_OTI


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