About us

We have proven experience

We have proven experience from innovation, development and production of micro coil NFC antennas and NFC secure microSD cards being in NFC business from 2007.
Logomotion is author of 36 patents granted in more than 150 countries.

Logomotion team includes experienced executives and technologists, NFC hardware system architects, built-in software developers and system integration experts. Logomotion co-operates with more external partners, leading payment industry companies, development laboratories and Slovak Technology Universities.

Between 2015 and 9th September 2020 Logomotion cooperated with Japan firm SMK in Joint venture SMK-Logomotion.

Logomotion is headquartered in Piestany, Slovak Republic.

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Logomotion, s.r.o.

Winterova 15
921 01 Piestany
Slovak Republic

Phone: +420 602 725 438
Email: contact@logomotion.eu